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BJBB: Renee [Hearts] by Tigerlillyhunt
BJBB: Renee [Hearts]

I like apples
Name: Renee Yao
Age: 22
Birthday: 7/31
Height: 5’3
Weight:  145
Profession: Medic/ Street Punk
Rank: F-Rank
Card of Choice: Queen of Hearts
Attribute: Due to being locked away a period of time, her eye sight slightly improved to see in dim settings; but they are now sensitive to sunlight.

- Syringe needle full of air

-pocket knife


- First aid kit

    Renee is the kind of girl like loves to be around people, she loved when the energy level in a room is high. It makes her excited and hyper just being around those type of situations, she would act like you’ve be friends forever even if that would be the first time you’re meeting each other. She also tends to be a bit NSFW at times, she would often say that ‘I have no shame’ and doesn’t see why people are so embarrasses by the topic.

    Renee cares deeply for others so much that she went into nursing, Renee could been a doctor if she wanted. Her father wanted her to be a doctor, she refused stating that she didn’t want to cut someone open, real reason being that she didn’t want to send years in school that and she’s just a lazy bun. She could always carry the small things like band aids, alcohol wipes, and candy for small children and herself. 


    Renee was born to a Jamaican mother and a Chinese father on the small Caribbean island, shortly after Renee’s birth her parents had a fallout. Her father, Richard, took her in seeing that her mother couldn’t take of herself or the newborn, the young man joined the police force down in Jamaica before being recruited to join Pearson City’s finest. Seeing this as great opportunity, her father packed up everything that he and his 4 month old daughter needed and relocated to Pearson City.

    When they arrived to the City everything seemed like a dream, like the amount of Rabbit hybrids walking around. Everything went was planned until, Renee and her father had to get vaccinated because they came out of the country. The doctor accidentally used a veil containing the live bunny virus instead of the dead virus, hours after finding out this mistake the police force locked both father and daughter inside a dimly lit cell for months. The incident caused panic within the police forced, not wanted to fire the man and not being able to send him back to Jamaica; the compromised by keeping him but placing him in one of the worst units they had, ‘Rabbit crimes’. A unit that on one cared about and were they only spent officers when police don’t want to be bothered with hiring them and/or the public outcry.

            Years passed Renee and her father adjusted to their new life style of being rabbits, soon Renee gained a new mother, brother, and sister. Renee doesn’t remember being a human, but she does have pictures as proof that she was one. She and her new family grew up pretty well off, for a family of rabbits they weren’t in the slums; they didn’t have to fight for food. Nor did either of the children had to wear second hand clothes, their parents made sure they lived a normal life. Renee knew that she and her family was the lucky ones, seeing so many rabbits on the street just fighting to survive on her way to school each day. 

            Renee started to notice that her sister had being acting weird in her freshman year of high school. Dew would leave straight after class and won’t come home until late at night, this perked the young girl’s interest. One day she followed her sister to old headquarters of BJBB, what she saw amazed her. There was an actual group of rabbits fighting against the humans, and not just taking the unequally that they were given. This made Renee want to help them in any way that she could, what was one thing that every organization needed? Healthcare seeing that most rabbit don’t get the medical care that they actually needed on the outside. Renee went into college knowing that she wanted a nursing degree to help both rabbits outside and inside of BJBB.

            As the years passed Renee earned her nursing degree and started to work at an all rabbit health clinic. Since the clinic was a rabbit only facility the POSRA would randomly visit and check if the workers there was caring for and protecting member of BJBB. No matter how many time they didn’t the POSRA didn’t seem to believe them and would always leave a mess behind and take patient’s files. This harassment would continue for months, until unfortunately the clinic was burned down; the employees has no doubt that this was the doing of the POSRA. Now Jobless and still living with her parents, Renee didn’t know where to go.

            Telling her sister what had happened, and how she thinks her life was heading down hill. Dew grudgingly recommended Renee to join BJBB, the same place she followed her sister to when she was twelve; the extract people the POSRA burned down the clinic. Renee was hesitant at first but when, Dew told her sister that there were medics that helped the injured members day in and day out. The young rabbit decided to join the organization, if for anything to help the injured rabbit.   


    ·         Loves cute frilly things

    ·         It’s very for her to fall for someone.

    ·         Is a bit over weight, thus making herself conscious about her body and wears clothes to cover up her tummy.

    ·         Dew allowed her live in her old flat without paying for rent.

    ·         Wants to go back to school and gets her doctors and open up her own practice one day.



BJBB: Dew [Diamonds]: Her older step-sister, which she loves to annoy


Christmas Helper by Tigerlillyhunt
Christmas Helper
a Collab between Neko and I ;3; Ryu is dressed up as Santa and Dew is Santa's elf but Ryu refuses to wear his beard ..... Dew is trying to talk him into it

Sketch, Lines, and the wonderful Ryu @ :iconnekoyashaprincess:
Coloring and Dew @ me


Journal Entry: Tue Sep 16, 2014, 5:14 PM

Hi Tigerlilly here, I'm just doing a small journal update so you'll know what I'm thinking about doing in the near future. I just started school back up hmm... on the 3rd so I guess that was about two weeks ago; so things had gotten busy lately. I'm going to try keep posting art on a regular basic and keep up on my writing which right now I'm dangerously behind on.

On a higher note remember ADA? My old group I'm going revamp that for real. I'm completely serious about it, the group is going to be teared down and rebuilt from the ground up. I have a lot of new ideas for ADA, so that's a great thing. How the group is going to be run is different too I don't want to say too much. You have to wait and see what I have in store when the group is up and running; again which hopefully would be in the spring.


Tigerlilly Hunt
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name: Tigerlilly Hunt this DA is named after one of my oldest OC's
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